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December 27, 2011

Beginning Android Development: Chapter 1

Beginning Android Development I am now working through the Wrox Beginning Android Application Development book by Wei-Meng Lee. As I go along, I'm using weblog entries to keep notes. Some of these things I have had to do a few times while troubleshooting, and it's easier to read what to re-do here than it is to flip through the book.

Java SE Development Kit: the first thing to install is the Java SE Development Kit. This is a lengthy download. Using my neighbor's wireless Internet connection (with permission) it is estimated to take 50 minutes. I suspect that is slow, but we do what we've got to do. (In the meantime, I'm headed outside to get some exercise playing SpecTrek!)

Eclipse: the next thing to install is the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. Pick the right one for your operating system, then unzip it into C:\Android\. Eclipse does not install into the operating system, it just unzips into a folder and runs as a stand-alone executable. Problems may arise if spaces are used anywhere in the directory structure leading to Eclipse. This caused several problems in my previous installation using my netbook. (I just purchased a new computer in order to do this development. I'd rather not have had to, but unfortunately my MSI Wind just didn't seem to cut it.)

Android SDK: Next, just like the last one, download the zip file and unzip it into the C:\Android\ folder.

Install the Android Development Tools (ADT): Launch Eclipse, navigate to Help/Install New Software, add "http://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse" into the "Work with" text box, click "Add". Give it any old name (I called mine "Android Development Tools"). From there, it's fairly self-explanatory, except that you might have to keep checking to make sure that everything you've added actually did get installed.

Create an Android Virtual Device (AVD): Launch Eclipse, go to Window / Android AVD and create the device.

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