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What is XHTML 1.1?

XHTML is a rewrite of the HTML (hyper-text mark-up language) as an XML application. Now in English: XHTML uses the basic HTML vocabulary while requiring a well-structured document. But what are these buttons?

Valid XHTML 1.1! and Valid CSS!

Each of those buttons takes the URL from the pages upon which they reside (in this case, it's http://www.veiled-chameleon.com/xhtml11.html) and sends that URL to a validation form located at w3.org which checks the structure and the syntax of the page to verify whether it is or is not a valid XHTML 1.1 document.

Why insist upon valid XHTML 1.1?

For me the answer is a simple one: it forces me to take a more disciplined and more professional of an approach toward creating web pages than is taken by the amateur population.

But there are better reasons:

If you happen to click one of those buttons on this site and it doesn't validate as XHTML 1.1, please let me know. I'll appreciate your input!